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Heathcote Soaring League (HSL) is a radio controlled glider club, based at Maddens Plains, 58 klms south of the Sydney CBD. HSL is involved in slope soaring, thermal duration, aero-tow and scale soaring.

We welcome new members whose primary interest is to fly radio controlled sailpanes, electric sailplanes or oldtimer models. We do not encourage Sports power models to fly at the Club site. Pilots who wish to fly power models, will be directed to one of the many Clubs in the region, who specialise in power flying, and whose club flying fields and operating procedures have been developed specifically for that purpose. HSL strongly encourages all members to achieve a competency level equivalent to LSF Level I. Speak with, or contact, one of the committee members to get an LSF accomplishment form and perform the tasks, to gain your level 1 competancy. We have Glider Instructors, who can instruct and test pilots for the Gold and Bronze wings, Glider, awards. MAAA membership is required to fly at Maddens Plains.

Club and Membership Information

Membership fees are due now. Payment must be in before 1/7/16. If you haven't renewed your Club membership for 2016 - 2017, or are not a member, then you are not permitted to fly at the Club field. The land is leased to HSL Inc and is private property, for the use of members and guests. You must have current MAAA affiliation and Public Liability Insurance to fly at Maddens Plains. There is a .pdf renewal form or a membership application form for dowload, on the 'Club and Membership' page of this website. Read More

Millennium Cup changes for 2018

A survey was conducted and the decision was made to convert the Millennium cup to electric assisted launch gliders from Jan 2018. The new rules can be viewed by clicking on the Millennium Cup menu tab and you will be taken to that page.
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Millennium Cup 2m Span Competition 2018

On Sunday 11th February, we held the second round of the 2018 Millennium Cup at the Goulburn field.
This was the first time we had conducted the Millennium Cup in the new format with electric height limited launch. This new format attracted a number of new flyers to the Millennium Cup and getting the new pilots entered into the draw took some time coupled with a longer than normal pilots briefing to go through the new rules meant a slightly delayed start.
We had 27 pilots enter the competition. This was fantastic and hopefully the new pilots continue to return from more flying.
The forecast was for temperatures up to 30 with a fresh wind and increasing in strength towards midday. It started out quite fresh from the NW and swung to be from the W. But it also increased, just as forecast.
Conditions were quite variable and tough. At times there were regions of lift but following any of these downwind would inevitably result in an outlanding. The wind picked up as the morning went on and eventually it was near impossible to prevent the aircraft from just flying backwards in the strong wind.
The new format appears to permit a very rapid progression through the flight order. It isn't necessary to wait for the retrieval of the winch line and parachute. The primary constraint as to how quickly we can have pilots launching would be the availability of the landing spots. On Sunday five spots were placed in the landing area and perhaps an extra one or two could be utilised if space permits, particularly when conditions are better and flight times are longer. A number of times there were six aircraft in the sky flying simultaneously.
After four rounds were completed and near midday, a pilots meeting was called and it was decided to cease flying activities as the conditions were unpleasant.
The scores were compiled and we had a presentation.
In first place was Klaus Metzger with Fred Lodden in 2nd place and Grant Manwaring in 3rd. Congratulations guys.

NOTE: The next round of the 2018 Millennium Cup will be held at the Lake George Soaring League club on the 8th of April 2018.

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See the overall results on the Millennium Cup tab, by clicking here -

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HSL F5J Competition 2016

We had a good day of flying for this F5J event. The forecast was for showers and strong winds from the south, swinging to the SE and abating during the day. We were fortunate to not get any rain at all during the day. The winds were indeed strong from the south and didn't swing much at all and nor did they abate. We had 14 pilots enter the competition.
Most of the 2.5m class planes spent their flights just pointed into the wind and even slowing drifting backwards. Only a few pilots actually circled and notably I think only Don Farrar and Klaus Metzger followed lift downwind any distance. Despite the challenging conditions we had no attrition and all pilots were still competing to the end of the day.
We flew 3 heats per round and this allowed us to cycle the PA and scoring duties around amongst many pilots.
We got underway at around 0930 and we completed four rounds before a break for lunch, A further three rounds were completed after lunch. At that point a pilots meeting was called to ascertain whether the majority wanted to press on for an eighth round, but the consensus was to call it a day with seven completed rounds.
With the scores tallied in the computer the results were -
Open Class:
1st Phil Stevenson, 2nd Jack Murphy, 3rd Colin Woodward
2.5m class:
1st Ken Woodward, 2nd Stephen Weatherstone, 3rd Rob Watson
Congratulations to the place getters.

NOTE: The next F5J event will be at Nowra on the 1st of May 2016.
The results of this round, can be seen by clicking on this link Read More

HSL Thermal Duration Club Competition 2017

Hi everyone.
We had the 6th and final round of the HSL club comp series on Sunday. The forecast was for strengthening NE winds as the day went on but in reality the winds were more easterly. By early afternoon we had low cloud over the field from the escarpment. The cloud was not enough to stop flying but the air was turbulent and models would occasionally become very hard to see. Once you lose sight of your model Stephen Wetherston will attest it is a very big sky to try and find your model! Luckily he had a couple of very good helpers who helped him find his model before it was blown too far away.
Due to lack of numbers we flew the 4, 6, 8,10, 10 minute format competition.
There were only 2 fliers launching with winches, one was flying open class and the other flying 2m. There was another 5 fliers using electric assisted launch gliders. The electric fliers used a modified F5j format recording launch height, flight time and landing distance. Winch gliders recorded flight time and landing distance. Both groups could fly the time tasks in any order whenever they liked with a cut off time of 2.30 pm.
Bob Nutman joined us for the first time in a competition flying a Radian XL, it probably wasn't the best day due to the weather to try his hand, we hope to see him next time now he has broken the ice.
The winner for open class winch was Col Woodward, Stephen Wetherstone won Electric and Les Morris was the winner for 2m winch, congratulations all.
Everyone seemed to have a great day even though it turned into more of a social day rather than flying due to the weather.
HSL Club Championship 2017
With the scores for the last round entered into the yearly analysis, the winner of the HSL Club Championship for 2017 is Colin Woodward. Congratulations Colin.
1st place in the electric aircraft category is Steve Weatherstone.
1st place in the 2m category goes to Fred Lodden.

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HSL Heathcote Cup Competition 2017

Unfortunately, this year we had the planned competition postponed due to weather and then the reschedule also had to be cancelled due to insufficient pilots attendance. A real shame.

Hunter Valley Championships 2018

This great event is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th March 2018. There is an entry form attached Click HERE. Put the dates in your diary.

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